Barrackpore Health Study


Director's Desk

The predominant determining factors of health and sickness are environment and genetics. To know the normal physical health of a community, it needs to compile and record the parameters of healthy individuals of the community, similarly for knowledge of sickness need information of: prevalence, burden, risks and causatives. Genetics cannot be altered, environment can be modified to have positive outcome from the knowledge of normal parameters of health and essential aspects of sickness (disease burden). Gathering these information of health and sickness require longitudinal (in time) study and to establish a cohort. Limited reliable useful information so far been recorded of any Eastern Indian cohort. The foundation is an attempt to enhance the information base by collating data of health and sickness over time


Barrackpore Population Health Research Foundation (BPHRF) would like to thank the people of Barrackpore for their on-going support and participation in the Barrackpore Longitudinal Population Health Study and look forward to continue this relationship in the future. The organization would like to extend a special thanks to all collaborator organizations, funding organizations and research team for their immense support and intellectual stimulation.

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