Barrackpore Health Study



  1. A Prospective study to measure Disease Burden and to address Causes of Poor Health in a Rural Population Cohort, in West Bengal, India
  2. Burden of Hypertension and Diabetes and their correlates among Government Healthcare Workers in India: A Cross-sectional Study
  3. A multi-component educational interventional study to evaluate the role of health education in the improvement of healthcare delivery practices of the non-qualified practitioners in a rural area of West Bengal
  4. A cross-sectional study to understand the socio-demographic, knowledge, practice and experience of rural health-workers and the influence of these factors on quality of collected data in West Bengal, India
  5. Cardio-vascular Risk Reduction Intervention among School-students in Kolkata, West Bengal - The CRRIS Study
  6. Correlates of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among rural people in West Bengal, India
  7. Epidemiological Study of Common Psychiatric Disorders: The SCOPE Study
  8. An initiative to estimate the disease burden in rural West Bengal
  9. Influence of post-surgical improvement in visual acuity on socio-economy and quality of life among cataract patients in rural Bengal (Vision)
  10. Responsiveness of healthcare providers in rural West Bengal
  11. A cross-sectional study to determine burden and predictors of Seizure disorders in rural Bengal
  12. Predictors and Barriers of Health Care Utilization among Geriatric Population of a Metropolitan City in India
  13. Evaluation of ambulance services in Kolkata: An introspection
  14. Determination of the burden of malnutrition in a remote rural tribal area in West Bengal

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