Barrackpore Health Study


Consultancy Service

Barrackpore Population Health Research Foundation (BPHRF) brings a wide range of scientific and technical support services to the organizations that work in the public health, epidemiological research and community development arena in the nation and abroad.

A dedicated expert team of developmental specialists, and works with the following areas:

Technical consultancy

  • Technical consultancy in conducting the epidemiological research
  • Technical consultancy in conducting the public health research
  • Vulnerability assessment/ Need Assessment/ Baseline and End Line surveys
  • Organization Development and Strategy Planning
  • Facilitating the process of developing/ revising the mission, vision and objectives of the organizations
  • Programme designing and planning.
  • Handholding support for initiating new programmes, projects and organizations
  • Social Research, participatory monitoring and evaluation, review and evaluation of projects and programmes
  • Development of HR and financial policies and manual on various health survey
  • System review and audit, financial management (planning, monitoring and control)

Capacity Building

In developing countries to indigenize health research systems, it is essential to build research capacity. Global-health funders and policy makers have increasingly considered the potential of networked models to enhance the impact and efficiency of investments in health research because strengthening the capacity of developing countries to do and use research is widely viewed as vital for meeting long term innovation and public health needs.

Steps for capacity building:

  • Organizing relevant seminars, trainings and workshops, community development programs especially on public health and epidemiological research.
  • Development of communication tools likes IEC, BCC, modules and manuals.

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